care by willowbrooke


Perhaps the most important aspect you may need to consider is the quality of qualified staff and care assistants.

It is the Manager and care staff – their attitude, caring nature, patience, skill and experience – that really counts, since they are the ones in constant contact with your loved one, providing 24 hour care, standing in for you as it were. We select our staff for their caring attitude and provide training for them in all aspects of care, as we believe wholeheartedly in the continued training to help and assist them in the provision of care to the residents, providing dignity and respect, always acknowledging that Willowbrooke is the resident’s home.


We have an ongoing training programme so that the staff become increasingly skilled at caring and interacting with the residents, being more aware of their needs and therefore better able to make them feel secure and cared for.
Come and see for yourself. Meet the Manager and staff; ask all the questions that you need to in order to put your mind at ease and assure yourself that you have made the right decision. See that Willowbrooke has a friendly caring approach and atmosphere. Talk to the residents and ask them how they feel.